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Delivering the
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Digital Product Studio

Sophisticated solutions for your business

Waveo is a team of tech entrepreneurs, UX experts, CTOs and product managers who love to build software products. We measure success by results, not features.
Alya Mozolyuk

CEO Waveo

Our software engineering and product discovery culture can help you reinvent your business through a digital lens.

Because of years of high level experience in the Tech world as well as our combined strategic business, innovation, consulting, design skills we can provide tremendous business value to our clients through human-centric innovation.

As people and things increasingly interconnect in the digital economy, existing business models are being radically disrupted.

That is where we step in and help get your business to the level of performance you expect in the digital field.


Product thinking is our DNA

We came to Waveo with the knowledge and expertise of building our own products. We know the process of bootstrapping, building MVPs, identifying a market fit, fundraising and growth. We can’t imagine the evolution process without hypothesis, prioritization and validation. It’s built into Waveo culture.

While getting this knowledge from the world’s top US and EU accelerators, like 500 Startups and Startupbootcamp (top 20 from Smart Transportation & Energy Berlin) being mentored by the industry leads, we know the path, things to avoid, and the way to build products.

Product Expertise

Product discovery and design

We transform your vision into products and services that matter. Our team of professionals validates your ideas by means of product analysis and design. This is a critical stage of product development without which you can waste time creating unnecessary product. Keeping focus on people‘s needs we guarantee you will get a competitive software solution.

Developments Expertise

Research and development

Based on our experience of creating products, we carry out the full process of development and delivery of new software as well as improvement of the existing ones. We develop Web & mobile apps, SaaS solutions for our main domains: Logistics & Transportation, Smart City, HealthTech.  With our help you can also enrich your product with innovative technologies such as Big data, Computer vision, IoT, AI, Machine learning, AR, VR.

data science and artificial intelligence solutions

AI / Machine Learning Lab

We bring extensive cross-industry expertise to design, build, and deploy custom Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence solutions to transform top organizations.  Technology gives businesses the ability to reinvent themselves as well as create better user experiences.  Which is the reason why Artificial Intelligence has changed the way old and current businesses operate.  We have full confidence in our team to deliver what you expect from any high-end development team.

Platform specific and custom solutions

Products for Platforms

We make digital twins. In other words we create a highly complex virtual models of physical things and virtual representation of processes which are updated from real-time data. Internet of things (IoT) platform enables us to create a digital representation of real objects, places, business processes and people. IoT platform is a support software that facilitates communication, data flow, device management and functionality of applications. It offers an efficient solution for data collection and analysis. And can help you accelerate your time-to-market, minimize risk, reduce cost.

Waveo in numbers

An original team of creators and dreamers

Years of Experience Building Digital Products
Users That Love Our Products
Fueled By Passion

Huge Honor

Certified & awarded

We are honored to be recognized for our accomplishments as an expert, a reliable partner and a design thinking company.


What Our Clients Say

All startup groups should get a consultation from your marketers prior to opening a business

Sam Smith

Sales Manager

My team is the best team in its niche. Subscribe to one of our plans and see it for yourself!

David Lee


Effective results with minimum efforts are key to successful business agencies! Thank you for your consultations!

John Lewis


Awesome! I love how easy it is to work on an art project with your team! The outcome is always amazing!

Lisa Brown


Effective results with minimum efforts from clients are key to successful business agencies! Thank you for your professional consultations for our project!

Kylie Rogers

Social Worker

What a great experience! I have visited one of the workshops and attended a masterclass, and both were super useful for young designers. Highly recommended.

Peter Parker

Designer, CEO

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